Homework for 12/9 - 12/13

We started the week looking at the Treaty of Paris.  Students were asked to look at the treaty's 9 articles and paraphrase them.  They then had to identify which 3 articles they believe are the most significant and why.  Lastly students had an additional handout which further addressed the Treaty of Paris and the impact it had after the Revolutionary War.  If this was not completed in class, this was to be completed for homework.

The snow delay on Tuesday morning put a bit of a wrench in things for us.  Students who were absent that day and get the AoC handout from the classroom.  The other portion of the work is from the textbook.  Students were asked to read pages 176-180 (stop at Land Act of 1800).  Take notes on this reading as it will be part of the quiz next week.  Answer questions 1,3,4,5 on page 186.

The book pages are down below.  If students did not complete the AoC (Articles of Confederation) handout in class (or they missed class due to snow) that is homework.

Homework 11/20 A, 11/21 B,C,D, 11/22 E

Students read the Declaration of Independence today.  We walked through the portions of it and what the meanings of each section were.  Students are asked to rephrase this document against the tyrants of their life (either their parent/guardians or their teachers).  They were asked to have a minimum of 10 grievances/complaints against these tyrants and these should use emotional language - the goal is to evoke support from those who read it.

If this is not finished in class, this is homework.  Additionally, students should be working on the research for their quarter 2 essay.

Homework 11/6 A & B, 11/8 C, D, & E

We started off with a review of homework and the causes of the Boston Massacre.  We discussed viewpoints of an event and how different viewpoints can result in different opinions of an event.

Students then did multiple readings about events that occurred prior to the start of the American Revolution.

Homework: Students should complete the readings and questions that were started in class.

Homework 11/4 B, C, & D, 11/6 E

Explain what you think happened on March 5th, 1770.  Use evidence from class and be sure to include reasoning as to WHY you believe YOUR narrative is correct and others are incorrect.

Homework 10/31 A, B, & C 11/1 D & E

Today students took a quiz on both the names and locations of the original 13 colonies and then a second short portion that reviewed recent lessons.

Students have the night off from homework.

Quarter 2 essay topics will go home next week.

Homework 10/24 A, B, & C, 10/25 D & E

Today we reviewed how to write for history with some samples from recently produced student work from the Columbus essays.  Students will have a little break before they use what they have learned before they start to write their next essay.

If students would like additional tips on how to write, they can watch this YouTube video that a friend of mine made a couple of years ago

Homework: In a well written response - Was Nathaniel Bacon a hero or a traitor?

Homework 10/24 A, B, & C, 10/25 D & E

Today we reviewed the do's and don'ts in regard to writing for history with examples from some of the recent Columbus essays.  We then explored Bacon's rebellion and the impact this had on the workforce of the American colonies.

Homework: in a well written response, please answer the following question: Was Nathaniel Bacon a hero or a traitor?

Additionally, if students are looking to learn more about writing for history, they can watch this video on Youtube.