Homework 10/18 A, 10/21 B, C, & D, 10/22 E

Today we looked at the witch trials that occurred here in Connecticut.  While the trials in Salem, Massachusetts are better known, witch trials occurred here in the Constitution state. 

Students looked at two prints and completed a venn diagram based upon their observations.  They then did some guided analysis of the same images. 

Lastly students read historical research regarding the trials.

For homework students were given a list of all of those who were accused of witchcraft in Connecticut, the year they were charged, and the outcome of their trial (if known).  They were asked to analyze the data and identify any trends within the data.

Homework: 10/17 A, B, C 10/18 D, E

Today in class we learned about the history of the French and Indian War.  This was a follow up to the prior lesson which included primary source readings from the same time period.

Students who missed the class can view the PowerPoint below.

French and Indian War Powerpoint

Students did not have homework today as their Columbus essay was due in class.

Homework 10/12 A, 10/14 B, C, & D, 10/15 E

Students explored the impact of King Phillip's war on colonial New England.  Students read multiple accounts of the war and had to synthesize information.

For homework, students were given three perspectives on the war.  They have to put themselves into the mind of a tribal leader of that era.  Students need to read all three perspectives and then decide which of them they will use.  Students then need to write a speech as though they were a tribal leader - the goal of the speech is to persuade their tribe to follow them.

Homework 10/10 A, B, & C, 10/11 D & E

Today we looked at the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, what is essentially the first constitution for the state's early towns. 

Students had to interpret the meaning of the Fundamental Orders and then also develop their own class charter.

Homework: What rules and laws exist in school and society that you don't agree with?  Explain why.

Homework 10/8 A & B, 10/9 C, D, & E

Today in class we learned about the colonial era fur trade.  Students did a reading and answered guided questions.

Homework: Write a one page story as though you were a fur trapper of this time.  Describe your life.  What is your day like?

For those who were absent, the document and the questions for it are here

Fur Trade reading and questions

Homework 10/4 A, 10/7 B, C, & D, 10/8 E

Today we started with an image of the Pequot War.  Students were asked to closely examine the image, describe what they see, and then infer what they believe was happening in the image.

Students then read a historical account of the Pequot War and an account that was written during the events.  Students are asked to write a comparison of the two documents - how are they similar and how are they different.

10/3 A, B, & C, 10/4 D & E

We watched episode 2 of Colonial House to gain an understanding of what life was like during the Colonial era.

Students are asked to use evidence from the video to answer the following question: Would you like to live in the Colonial era?