How to join a Google Classroom

In case you aren't aware of how to join a Google Classroom, Mrs. Bird has made a short tutorial video for us on how to do this. Mrs. Bird's Google Classroom video

Google Classroom

Starting March 30th, we will be moving to Google Classroom.  I am including links to each of the classes below.  Please only join the class that you are assigned to.  This will make it easier for me to keep track of assignments.  You will need to use your Hartford Public Schools email address to join these classes.  To avoid any issue, copy the code for the classroom and then paste that into Google Classroom. Google Classroom Codes: A Block - bopv3sd B Block - qazj3l3 C Block - fevuf7q D Block - u7kpgex E Block - xh453nl My cats River (near) and Dickens (far) practicing social distancing.

Hello "in person"

Just a quick video to say hi and reconnect with all of you.

Week 2 of our Covid 19 Break - March 23 - 27

Welcome to week 2 of Direwolf US History online.   This week we have three lessons (following our normal structure where I see you three times a week).  All of the lessons are linked on this one post.  The lessons are: the Seminole War (which many of you already have some knowledge of from your Jackson research), the Missouri Compromise, and the Monroe Doctrine. Lesson 1 - The Seminole War:        Please watch this video from EMS History Then answer the following questions in an email to me: (subject Seminole War) Who were the Black Seminoles and where did they come from? Why were the Black Seminoles a problem for America? What did Jackson do against the Seminoles and why was that a problem? What was the end result of the Seminole War? Do you feel Jackson was justified in doing what he did?  Support your answer. Lesson 2 - The Missouri Compromise      This lesson will have you do a short reading from  and then view a s even

Week 1 of our Covid 19 Break - March 16-20

As we shift to an online model for the next couple of weeks, we will have to work differently. The first assignment is the Andrew Jackson essay.  Please send your essay in either a Word or Google doc.  Either can be sent to my email :  This essay was due for students this Monday & Tuesday depending on the block you had me.  Completing that and sending it in are the first lesson this week. The second lesson this week is about the creation of the nation of Liberia.  Please follow this link to the lesson material for it.  You can send your responses to it via email back to me.   Liberia Lesson Materials On Friday, for students who were in school I also gave the topic for the Quarter 4 essay for students to start researching.  That topic is "Does Abraham Lincoln deserve to be called 'The Great Emancipator'?"  This essay will be due in late May.  This is your third activity for this week. Next week we will have lessons on the Semin

Quarter 3 history essay

The quarter 3 history essay is about our nation's seventh president, Andrew Jackson. This is a link to the file that has the information about the essay. Due dates are included in the file.